Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day 2 - Aiming

It's only really the first day of cleaning and I didn't want to. I made a pretty slow start to the day and then it was Bundle's bedtime in the blink of an eye so I wanted to sit and rest, I was tired and especially sleepy after singing numerous lullabies but I sucked it up. I made a small effort and roughly brushed out the three rooms and *bonus* the kutchen too.

The plan was to aim for this:
- Wednesdays
--- brush dining room
--- brush guest bathroom
--- brush hallway
--- clean dining room table/change tablecloth
--- clean guest bathroom
--- dust dining room
--- dust hallway
--- dust wee room
--- straighten dining room
--- straighten hallway
--- straighten wee room

I aimed, I missed by a mile but at least I aimed and well that's another step forward.

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