Friday, 18 October 2013

Day 18 - Be prepared

Today I followed a new recipe (an actual recipe!) and made hash brown crusted (vegetarian) quiche; you kmow it was good when my Hubby didn't even mention that it would have tasted better with a little meat in it!

All-in-all a successful cooking experiment but I certainly got to think about preparedness, you see alongside this (slightly) increased amount of cleaning, there has been a dramatic lessening of messing up the house and a big increase in tidying and setting things to rights about the place. The house is definitely looking the better for it.

Recently the Hubs decided to invite his family for Christmas and I begrudgingly agreed to go along with that decision. The decision itself made sense, my in-laws weren't terribly keen to host, my SIL is pregnant and pretty sick (and hosted last year, though not for us). Logically it made sense but emotionally...

I dream of being a regular, relaxed, house at the ready for company hostess - however I am none of those things. Hosting makes me terribly stressed, we don't do it very often, the house had (until recently) not been company ready ever and well I disliked that state of affairs (being that hospitality is biblically mandated and especially for church elders-my husband being one) but wasn't trying terribly hard to right the situation.

Now however that I'm discovering the benefits of (somewhat slapdash but much more) regular cleaning and better tidying habits I actually text Hubs today to say how "I'm kinda looking forward to Christmas now that I'm starting to make headway on the house." His reply made me cry:
"That's just great. You brought a big smile to my face... You are doing fab. Christmas will be great."

Of course I haven't yet offered to actually help him with the cooking, but baby steps people! ;)

Anyhow just to round this off nicely, yes it's good to be prepared, to have a plan, to be company ready in case the "company" materialise but sometimes being prepared ahead of time has its downsides...

This morning saw me prepare all the vegetables for my new quiche recipes, I was set to go, with courgette and celery chopped, chopped onion defrosted, cheese grated and potatoes peeled and grated. I set to creating my masterpiece after my hour of tutoring had been accomplished and... I found lots of grey grated potato. So tonight I served my Hubs and Sunny hash GREY based vegetarian quiche - yum yum!

It was still delicious though!

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