Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bundle Tales #4

20-23 months

Making the car/vehicle noises as he plays.

Developing a keen interest in animals and vehicles of all sorts but especially in love with cows and tractors (good choices since we often are surrounded by one or t'other.

Saying so much more, or at least trying to and signing lots more too. Generally just communicating in all the pleasant and more frustrating ways also (real temper scream of fury).

For a time responding to the question of who I am with Dad but now beautifully sing-songing Mem, Memmy or Mummy.

Dad, Daddy, lots of words are da.
Mem, Memmy, Mummy.
Moo for cow. Baa for sheep/lamb.
Beep-beep (horn noise, noise your nose makes when pressed).
Ding-ding (bicycle bell).
Tractor or some approximation.
Ga, Ganny, Nenny. (Granda, Granny, Nanny).
Cheers and cheese having very little between them but context and not always that.
Saying his own name, which can also be eerily similar or gorgeously clear, ditto for Please.
Apple, Amen, Toast, Pat (for Postman Pat - who he adores from our many books).
Mo for more accompanied by his version of the sign.
Trying so hard and just exploding with new mimickry of words and much more "chat" at around 23m.
Betty (great-aunt and also family dog). Help. Book. Man. Bob. Car.

Running everywhere but especially to meet his Daddy at the door after work.

Still charming everyone he meets, even when he's being "shy" and playing peekaboo from behind my legs or over my shoulder. The shy act never lasts long despite the situation though.

Freezing on thresholds out of "shyness" and often needing to be carried inside but quickly recovering himself and "working the room."

Growing into 12-18 month size clothes at 22 1/2 months though by no means all of them, especially still between sizes on the trousers initially but then enjoying a second growth spurt (causing much face-first tripping as the muscles seek to catch-up with the bones).

Starting to be a much neater eater and gaining a lot of ground in self-spoon-feeding and using the more fast-flowing water cups. Occasionally managing to not destroy a whole outfit for lack of three bibs (yes layering them up was necessary, still is, in order to avoid three daily changes of clothing).

Eats a wide variety of foods from eggs (omelette, quiche, dry-fried), courgettes, carrots, mushrooms, apple, orange, plum, nectarine, raisins, grapes, occasionally bananas (though they are a big no-no or for about a week a big yes-yes), peas, green beans, sweetcorn, pizza, pepperoni, smoked salmon, beef, chicken, cheese, ham, bacon, pancakes, biscuits, bread and bagels, beans (all but especially tinned with tomato sauce), lasagna, hot apple barley cereal, sausages, chips or waffles, potatoes in other forms (finally), creamed rice, cake, to fish fingers...

Happily dons his coat at the mere mention of outside.

On our fourth pair of spectacles (second design) as our head grows (a very noticeable millimetre at a time).

Sitting through whole church services with minimal disruption or noise, plays with his quiet toys/reads/enjoys his morning snack with oerhaps one trip to the loo signalled by an antsy bottom.

Showing lots of interest in other children and physically wanting to touch, tap or hug; alas not always welcomed and he seems to always choose the children that will squall the loudest over his entering their personal space.

Learning to be gentle in stroking the dogs Lucy and Betty.

Still enjoying his milkies day and night and signs milkies with great glee.

Won't really feed in public/when out as he gets too distracted, even at LLL surrounded by nursing babies/toddlers.

Still being toileted at regular intervals and very occasionally will sign to go. Most number twos are in the potty, thank goodness.

Settling into his sleep even better (welcomes the routine or it but still not keen on the cot or being left lone to sleep except in the cocoon of the buggy).

Still enjoys from 1 1/2-2 1/2 hours sleep in the afternoon and only nods off in the car on the way home from La Leche League and can now be difficult to keep asleep during the transfer inside from the car.

Goes to sleep to the sound of Mama singing or playing the piano or both but also to silence and stillness (no pushing/rocking/bouncing) and enjoys just snuggling in.

Enjoys sleeping back-to-back with Daddy.

Loves to do that wonderful toddler trick of kicking the covers off of himself in the that one graceful double leg movement.

Has been found at the bottom on the bed (usually on top but once underneath the covers) in the middle of the night.

Still loves to dance and play the bodrhan along to Galway Girl and most music.

Had his first haircut at about 21 1/2 months and went from lots of "isn't she lovely" comments to no one mistaking his gender in one fell swoop - his proper little boy haircut is so lovely that I can't believe I waited so long and yet I totally can as his little curls are all but gone, with only a kink or two remaining.

Wearing his first little suit (matching formal trousers, waistcoat, shirt and velcro tie) to church and just looking so stunning that Daddy has dressed *up* to match instead of a more casual look.

Happy chappy, smiler, my friend described him as "manically happy."

Brave (usually) about physical challenges, climbing up/down e.g. step ladder, high/low bed, chairs, stairs though can freak out over surprisingly low things, ah the queerness of folk.

Enjoys the mountainous challenge that is climbing the external steps to our home.

Very obedient, usually and we've had many "wow" comments about how he responds - a real answer to prayer because for the longest time he just ignored all instruction.

Loves to put the dirty (disposable) nappies in the bin and the wet (cloth) nappies in the nappy bin/bucket; also laundry into the hamper/washer/dryer.

Loves to tidy up his toys so much he's been known to do it unbidden; at the LLL group as I was trying to get him to leave and enjoys the satisfaction of toys in their "homes."

When asked to park his "scooter," or "truck" he does so.

He signs for prayer, bed, milkies, more, book,
We're working on (or should be) drink, help, sorry, thank you, food and "I love you."

Can take off his (non-popper) vest, wide-legged shorts, pyjama bottoms and unzipped body-warmer solo and tops with a little assistance.

Will hold your hand for a walk and stay fairly contented in the trolley on shopping trip.

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