32 Goals Broken Down

Daily Tasks
Study Isaiah and make notes using the SOAP method (4)
Practise Scripture memorisation with Bundle (at breakfast) (6)
Try to learn a new Scripture about once a fortnight (6)
Work consistently (at lunchtime or other relevant points in the day) to teach Bundle more signs (e.g. milk, food, toilet, bed, book, please, thank you, more, all done, dog, pray, quiet) (7)
Engage Bundle in a daily prayer time (10)
Say grace before all meals (10)
Tidy 32 things a day (15)
Read (22)
Save change (especially fivers) (26)
Practise separation discipline with Bundle (from event not from me) throughout the week (31)

Weekly Tasks
Meal and snack plan (2)
Learn a Westminster Shorter Catechism question and answer every week, use the study book and CD to help (5)
Revise British Sign Language, set aside a time each week, use vocabulary videos online to help with BSL (7)
Focus on the family tree - sending emails and letters to confirm or learn information and gather letters, photographs and stories to collate and distribute (9)
Tidy up the family tree information already gathered (9)
Revise Spanish vocabulary and grammar, set aside a weekly time, make use of the various books, CDs etc. that I already have (12)
Set aside a weekly time slot to sort/donate/declutter/delve through "boxes", including those in the barn and attic (18)
Learn the words of a new hymn/chorus every week, making use of our multiple worship CDs (23)
Maintain the organisation of my tutoring supplies (27)
Keep better records using application on my phone (28)
Practise church behaviour with Bundle by listening to one (part) sermon a week through iTunes/SermonCloud or on our numerous sermon CDs, include signs for prayer, quiet and no (31)
Practise the piano at least once a week (32)

Fortnightly Tasks
Try a new exercise DVD at least twice (3)
Change the bed linen (13)
Email OzSis and family at least once (20)
Email Mr&MrsThing at least once (21)

Monthly Tasks
Declutter 32 things a month (14)

Finite Tasks
Have SportySis teach me how to use a sewing machine (1)
Make four fruit and vegetable bags from old pillowcases (1)
Try all my exercise DVDs (one DVD a fortnight - trying it at least twice) (3)
Borrow exercise DVDs off friends/family to try and find one (or more) that I might *enjoy* (3)
Study my way through the book of Isaiah (4)
Develop a fluid schedule and more routines to the day to allow for cleaning, exercise, grooming, crafts, special interests, reading etc. (8)
Choose a time to get up each morning (8)
Make a prayer pot (10)
Plan a Spanish holiday to allow me ;) to practise speaking Spanish (12)
Develop cleaning schedule (13)
Choose favourite wedding pictures (16)
Collate our wedding album (16)
Make a personalised photo book for Bundle, that works through the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and includes close family, familiar locations and pets (17)
Sort/donate/declutter/delve through at least 32 "boxes", including those in the barn and attic (18)
Collate a photo album/scrapbook of our Australian adventure, including journalling of our adventures (19)
Read at least 32 of my Ultimate Homemaking Bundle e-books to ensure value for money, also all other "purchased" e-books (Flatland, Life of Pi) (22)
Collate a scrapbook of Bundle's birth cards (24)
Velcro the sofa cushions (25)
Also cut, hem and velcro in place the Ikea fabric panels onto the craft cupboard doors, also clean the glass (25)
Save £2,500 (26)
Gather what we already have (update and close the post office accounts). (26)
Download and back-up the free curriculum about studying geography etc. through the great commission (27)
Set up an organisation of my tutoring supplies (27)
Organise homeschool supplies (27)
Contact Suzanne re Blyton books (27)
Contact Girvins re Firefly, English book (27)
Complete my tax return before January 3rd 2014 (28)
Clear out underneath our bed (and keep it empty). (29)
Tidy the base of the long-hanging wardrobe (29)
Re-organise the second single wardrobe (29)
Sort Bundle's clothing storage (29)
Try making scented candles as potential gifts for Christmas and birthdays (30)
Learn to play the following tunes (at least a basic version) well: Happy Birthday, Away in a Manger, Jesus Loves Me and How Great Thou Art (32)

Indefinite Tasks
Spend time with my SportySis (1)
Spend time with SportySis crafting (1)
Reduce my dairy intake (2)
Reduce/Cut out the junk food (2)
Lose weight (pregnancy permitting) (2)
Enjoy fresh air with Bundle, including walks, playdates and trips to the park etcetera (3)
Walk faster and farther when taking him out in the pram/buggy (3)
Exercise (3)
Groom more consistently (11)
Eyebrow shaping, haircuts, re-fixing hair through the day, make-up, exfoliation, cleansing, toning and moisturising, weekly night-cream, handcream and nail care (11)
Improve household care - continue with fortnightly bed linen changes, maintaining laundry, opening blinds and making beds daily, improve my airing of the house, cleaning and tidying (13)
Develop my relationship with OzSis and her kids (20)
Maintain and develop my relationship with Mr&MrsThing (21)
Sell (e.g. cards, excess nappies and wraps, ki-fit, perhaps use gumtree to declutter the outhouses and sell "excess" books, perhaps buy and sell charity shop finds). (26)
Cut spending (buy cheap end-of-day bakery items and freeze for general future use, track spending for a month to seek ways in which to save, cut out all buying for a month-save milk/fruit/vegetables, use the library, reduce the number of takeaways we buy, buy in bulk for a saving, pay cash, buy little to no junk food, drink only water/coffee/tea, grow vegetables/herbs, craft rather than purchasing all gifts, water down our milk, lose weight to fit into the clothes I already own, check online for discount vouchers, comparison shop, buy used). (26)
Get free money (rejoin tv panels for vouchers, use maximail/swagbucks and purchase through them, get swagbucks referrals-Mimi&Bella/SportySis/Mama/Gerta, email companies whose products we buy or those with new products to request coupons/free samples). (26)
Cut bills (e.g. share a main meal and two sides at a restaurant or add a kids meal-especially kids eat free, lower the hot water temperature, use the dryer less, no paid for TV, unplug appliances, double up on oven usage, use the slow cooker more, keep the fridge/freezer full, turn the heat down/off, boil the kettle once with the minimum amount of water in it, comparison shop suppliers-where possible). (26)

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