Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bundle Tales (31-and-a-half months)

(To the dog)
No eating a bone Betty
(The bone was the other dog's)

(On climbing up to stand on top of a small stool then immediately stepping back down)
Stand up, stand down

(Cuddling up to Mama)
B: I love you Mummy, I love Daddy too
Mama: Do you love anyone else?
B: I love big pipe
(A bit of excess piping that was lying around the yard)
(I laughed so hard)

(Couple of days later, about four AM after nursing)
B: Cuddle Mummy
Mama: Okay baby, come here. I love you
B: I love big pipe
(Bed shaking with laughter)

(Running into the kitchen)
Hide it under a buwel (bushel), no, hide it under a buwel, no
(Weeks after last hearing "this little light of mine" sung at bedtime for the first time in months)

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