Tuesday, 25 March 2014

"Haiku" Journal for March (Part Two)

11-15. Been absent in mind,
And body. Zoning out and,
Checked out. My poor kin.

16. Family together,
Wee one kicking off all day,
Interspersed with cute.

17. Parents home from Oz,
Joy abounds, happiness here.
Happy Saint Pat's Day!

18. Poor sleep, root canal,
Dizzy spells and jaw ache joy.
Family here for tea.

19. Jaw-ache, dizzy, worn.
Cancelled work, took to bed. Caught
Cold, strong sneezes, cough.

20-24. Sick, bad and bokey,
Feel rotten, dizzy, sneezey,
Coughing, in bed, at rest.

Hubby grumpy at,
My in-bed-ness but cares still,
Bonding him and babe.

25. Determination,
It works, am better. Sis and
BIL home from Oz. Joy.

Update (April.22.14)
Stepped away from this
Pursuit of diarising.
Sad so much time lost.

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