Sunday, 2 March 2014

7 Posts in 7 Days (Sunday) - Sabbath Rest

A lovely lazy day today - a lie in for all until half eight and then as Daddy and Bundle headed off for breakfast, Mummy turned over for two more hours!

All go then with Daddy bathing Bundle - naked baby cuteness (and screams at having to get out alas) and everyone dressing and Mama eating (including a leftover slice of pizza from last night - yummy).

Morning church and sitting together in baby corner with our two year old little man, a 2YO girl and her four month old sister, another four month old girl and a year old boy. With another almost two year old nearby there were delightful murmurings of chatter and babbles and it is such a joy to hear so many of tomorrow's church (we hope and pray) in attendance today. It was lovely also to enjoy being fed spiritually as a family along with our son's partcipation, with his Amens.

We returned home for a story, milkies and naptime and after some Mummy and Daddy time (ahem) we enjoyed a family nap and a relaxed evening of dinner (slow cooker stew) and a family movie (Fantastic Mr. Fox) before bedtime stories and then some Mummy and Daddy period drama viewing time (Mr. Selfridge).

Relaxed family time. Sabbath rest.

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