Saturday, 1 March 2014

7 Posts in 7 Days (Saturday)

A real family day - my four nephews were round from first thing until teatime. I couldn't have done it without Hubs, allowing me time to get dressed, prepare snacks and lunch, feed and waken the baa and feed and put the baa to sleep. My nephews were by and large excellently behaved and are so sweet to their little cuz, always dragging him along with them, stepping out of their games to play with him - they are a credit to my sister and my heart swelled to see our home so full of such fine young men.

My BIL is one of six boys, raised by a very men-are-men, women-are-women Dad and whilst I agree with the traditional masculine and feminine roles, my BIL's Dad take them to an extreme. At a family buffet birthday his wife has to get his food for him - enough said I think. Anywho as a result my nephews too have always had a sense of which toys, games etc. are for girls and which are for boys. My own FIL would have fairly similar ideas - I think I could find more things in his kitchen than he could! We got our two year old son a kitchen for his birthday, a gift chosen, purchased and built by us but paid for by both sets of grandparents, (my FIL was less than delighted). On the night of the birthday party, my second and fourth nephews took to the kitchen and weren't distracted from it. Today they returned to that play with a vengeance - my Hubby and I enjoyed numerous and varied courses from roast silverside beef to mushroom soup to artful salads - it was a restaurant of course and a primary-coloured play phone proved an adequate till for the day. Outside the play was continued with much movement of the woodpile creating rooms and beds and walls and there too I was fed and watered with sticks full of gourmet grub. It is a joy to see imaginative play, a pleasure to be included in it and as I see my son beginning in it (his toy characters having baths in buckets, riding on exotic toy animals and his mimicry of our behaviour in washing dishes and cooking in his kitchen) I see a new stage entered and another passed through. It is a privilege to witness their lives and I for ne am grateful for such a day.

Even if kitchen play is considered girly ;)

We rounded out Bundle's day with a first birthday party and an early bedtime. The party was a relaxed gathering of friends, family, love and finger foods.

Then we gathered to watch the last episodes of Firefly; I'm slowly turning my husband geek :) The Serenity movie will be our final view of this much mourned series - I look forward to it.

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