Monday, 10 March 2014

"Haiku" Journal for March (Part One)

1. Boys here, they brought joy.
Son happy, content, in midst.
A real family day.

2. Morning church en masse,
In baby corner, love filled,
Hope for more littles.

3. Family day. Dentist,
Filled sensitive tooth. Nerve hit,
Extreme pain - no sleep.

4. Dentist take two. Nerve,
Removed. Expensive. Hub off,
For work trip. Miss him.

5. Changing seasonal,
Decorations - spring has sprung.
Son a chatterbox.

6. Hubby home, bout time,
Mama not coping with babe,
Naughty and trying.

7. Awful day, not well.
Hubby sick, big arguments,
Baby naughty too.

8. Tidied up, finished
Off spring decorating. Out
For tea, baby bad.

9. Blue day, absent mind,
There but not present, bad headaches,
Tired, always, ever.

10. Stepped outside of me,
Not wanting to look inside,
Scared of what I find.

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