Friday, 6 December 2013

Advent 2013: Part Four

*Updated since I forgot to hit publish anyway*

Tomorrow is already here and yet I haven't slept, (*and didn't until half twelve or later?) so today I plan to:

Wash and dress first thing (or at least by nine o'clock) *Nope, no power and we weren't even awake until ten to nine, got washed and dressed about eleven?

Do a load of dark laundry and turn over the "whites" on the radiators/airer. *No power, no heat

Read "Christmas" by Dick Bruna to Bundle. *Read this over breakfast

Write my sister's Christmas card and post it and the other "international" cards at the local post office (or send Hubby). *Nope, tomorrow/today

String both trees with lights. *Did one in part before the power returned then finished off and added to the lights after we got power, then decorated and enjoyed the pretty (at least in low level light) especially as it's in our bedroom, reflected in the mirror and visible throughout the house as it stands at the end of apartment right in the middle, Bundle's reaction after just the lights were added was wow - so worth it!

Attach one of the bed rails to the cot-bed. *Nope

Have Dad tighten/add another screw to the cot-bed. *Nope

Have Dad cut a 23" square of plywood for me. *Nope but did ask him

Have Dad cut-down my "broken" wise man for me to sand him for use. *Bless him he'd already sanded it down so it stood upright so had to explain why I'd drawn a line further up, thanks Dad for not getting annoyed about that (definitely a first)

Give Dad plans for "Lucy's learning tower." *Nope but I did build the stepstool (too high for Bundle without the support structure)

Plan outfit for Sunday's anniversary lunch. *Nope

Buy/make 40th anniversary card for in-laws. *Nope

Pack away autumn. *Nope

Put away emptied Christmas decoration boxes. *Nope but they are now gathered into the master bedroom by the wardrobes

Explain "new" sleep expectations to Bundle for nap and bedtime. *Yep, no more pushing therefore no nap was had (aside from a snooze on the breast) but with a couple of songs he was out like a light at bedtime (alas very unsettled night since - hello I am typing this after five and been up since four - after he was literally screaming, ah the joys)

Tidy nursery bed. *Yip and hurray as it was about time

Tidy books/toys and make a dedicated space for the Christmas books. *Nope

Pack away Channukkah in marked box (to be added to over the next year, think blue and white Magen David, wooden Hannukkiah set, pewter Hannukkiah and blue/white candles, dreidels and fill-able dreidels, chocolate gelt, Hannukkah cardigans). *Thought about it but didn't, keeping out my mini-Hannukkiah anyhow with the Chritsmas decs since it's cute

*Sidenotes saying I would light candles for the power cut saw Bundle head straight for where the assembled tealights/Hannukkiah had been - bless.

*Bundle put out one of the tealights with his finger, that's one way to learn Mama wasn't lying when she said it was hot

*Raging headaches caused by screaming toddlers at four in the morning are not pleasant

*Why does one stormy night lead to power cuts nationally every year? Do they somehow forget that winter is a season that happens annually and therefore not winterproof - I know first world problem or what?!

*Need to pick up the family Christmas dinner ham (that we won't actually be eating) tomorrow/today also

*Tea and buns at a (just recently finished) student's house tomorrow/today, we (Bundle my Mama and I) just fell in love with M and her Mama K, it will be lovely to see the kitchen/extension I've heard so much about and for Bundle and M to enjoy another playtime, they're so sweet together (the eight-and-a-half year gap means nothing to them). M is his sister by another mother

*Lights and decorations on our main tree tomorrow/today I hope and finishing off/tidying/dusting the other wee spaces around the house

*Getting to my actually present making i.e. knitting for Christmas would be advisable too, I have eight scarves to knit (six of which will have to at least be done by Christmas Eve though preferably before), better get motoring as there are only eighteen/nineteen days left!

*And so to bed ...(it is twenty to six after all)...

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Advent 2013: Part Three

The tree is built (ugh, next year that is so the Hubby's job) but it really is too big for its table base and so needs a plywood square to provide a more stable (read Bundle-proof) base. Si I've just left it in all its evergreen (fake) goodness and haven't even added the lights. Decorating at large continues, slowly, because I'm quite out of sorts so I am.

Bundle went down for nap today in pants as per usual (for nap) and I tried to get him to settle himself a little more which led to a two hour bedtime, four toilet trips (two included poos), two wee-d on pairs of pants, his last (doesn't popper under him) vest heading into the laundry basket (must do laundry, again) along with his blankets. Mama who was waiting on him to sleep so she could shower, losing it, shouting, putting him into a nappy and back into the buggy with the instruction to stay put or else and heading for the shower (door open). Returned fifteen minutes later to a sleeping babe. Frustrating, also I'll have to wake him since he took so long to go over (even though I started early). Ugh! Yucky day but at least I'm clean.

Six Words:

Frustrated tired but clean Mama, ugh.

Sleeping, infuriating but lovable Bundle, peaceful.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent 2013: Part Two

During morning milkies (after a second consecutive dry night) my son excitedly noticed the Merry Christmas wooden letters banner above our bed, I told him there was lots to see and I'd give him a tour. Well as if there was ever any doubt that he was my son - he greeted the partially decorated (things grouped but not set out, boxes and boxes yet to be unpacked and ne'er a tree to be seen) with a wow! He just loved it all and when I'd finished the "tour" he asked for more - joy-filled Mama morning for sure.

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast with my folks at a favourite haunt and I picked up a honey dipper which I'm planning to use as a mini-whisk (both for myself and for Bundle to practise his stirring skills in due course). Bundle was beautifully behaved as he ate and took in his surroundings (enjoying the decorated trees and chandeliers). We enjoyed our fill then had a couple of impromptu "tours" around the area on our circuitous route home and discovering (well a discovery for me anyhow) a factory outlet of a wood-burning stove company - definitely an addition to our home we would love.

Play time, stories, milkies and bed for the baby while I started laundry, finished cataloguing our Christmas books and then headed in for a rest myself (alas sleep eluded me again - fyi I was up until after three and arose at quarter past/half-eight). Bundle slept a good solid two hours and arose from his dry (vest and pants-clad) nap to resist pottying and enjoy his milkies first; he was in no rush for the potty afterwards either, he's holding it for longer and longer as he really finds his limitations, or is "forced" (read deeply encouraged) to go by a Mama who needs to drive somewhere or put him down for a sleep.

Straight up from nap, we dressed and headed off to exchange his birthday gift t-shirt so that he can actually wear it now (since it is Christmas-themed, well Santa-themed, after all). As a happy consequence of the this exchange this Mama got herself a lovely Christmassy red cardigan and bam-bam-baaaam more importantly was able to get the ba a wonderful pair of rubber-(read grip)-soled slippers, for now in red and yellow with a monkey? face and for the next size up in light blue with a dog's face and fluffy ears - yay!

I rang my Papa to have him turn on my oven (thanks Papa) and threw the tea together as soon as we got in. Bundle had a small portion of homemade thick vegetable blended soup, peas, green beans, the end of his cheesy crackers and raisins snack, cheese and meatball pizza, Hawaiian pizza and a potato waffle. Whilst the Hubby and I had the two pizzas, potato waffles, peas, green beans and mushrooms in butter.

Post-dinner my Hubs and I just glowed as we watched our wee one cavort about in his pants, sitting up at the (perfectly-Bundle-sized) coffee table to play with a puzzle and just gad about and generally entertain us. The Hubby then nipped off to a church meeting whilst I settled Bundle for the night - playtime, tidying up, pooing by himself in the potty (with only a gentle reminder to remove his pants first tee-hee), closing curtains and laying out tomorrow's clothes, stories, milkies, toilet and being sung/pushed to sleep.

About two hours later he stirred (dry and in pants for the night - his choice) to use the bathroom and feed himself back over to sleep again. We are just so proud to be your parents little one, wet or dry.

Oh as for Advent, we read Christmas books and I thought about but didn't build a tree - instead I surfed (internet only) and watched a couple of stupid programmes.

It's now almost twelve and time for bed.

*Updated to add* he wet our bed at half twelve! So after stripping him and the bed he continued the night in a nappy (dry of course). It seems to be a confidence thing, happy to hold it in a nappy but perhaps a lottle stressed about it all in pants???

Advent 2013

Enjoying a foray into celebrating Channukkah this year, it has overlapped the start of Advent and well I just wasn't ready for Advent to begin. The Jesse Tree is undecided, the decorations unmade and so I think next year will be time enough for it. We have two new nativities this year though and numerous children's Bibles and a little one who enjoys reading with a fervour unforeseen even by this reading-mad Mama so I think Advent will certainly be a time of preparation for the "big day" just without a script per say.

Decorating has begun in earnest with boxes upon boxes unloaded from the wardrobes as the little one drifted off to dream world (nap and bedtime). Our "wee room" is all but decorated (I was waiting for a vase to dry which will be filled with blue and white baubles). The hallway and doors off it are adorned. Autumn is all but packed away (only tablecloths and kitchen linens to go I believe). The nativities await the clearing off of the "old dining table" on Wednesday when Bundle's two-week birthday period ends and the cards come down and streamers and birthday signs are packed away once again. The piano is topped with seven snow globes, three snowmen, Santa's workshop scene and an orphan plastic reindeer figurine. The Christmas music book is open on the music stand. One of the winter-y pictures is displayed upon the easel. A collection of candles has gathered, as has another of lanterns, another of snowmen and another of Santas. There are soft bodied reindeer, snowmen and Santas strewn around the sofas and stockings and Santa hats will call to Bundle in the morning. The trees await "building" - a six-footer for the lounge in traditional red, green and gold and a five-footer for the bedroom in much more modern purple, pink and silver. The silver round post-modern spiral will more than likely adorn our chest-of-drawers whilst I'll borrow a bare-branch white wooden tree from my Mama to sit atop our dining room sideboard and accompany our Christmas dinner without over-powering the room (I hope). The red light-up reindeer will grace the kitchen windowsill and I've even managed to decorate Bundle's play kitchen with light-weight wooden blocks spelling out JOY on the top of the upper-cabinets. Our new "Merry Christmas" banner hangs happily over our bed and this Mama is enjoying the accompanying excitement as she anticipates the month of holiday cheer ahead.

Tomorrow the tree-building (ugh) and taking Bundle on a tour of all the decorations but first a lovely breakfast outing with my parents before they high-tail it to Australia for the holidays and then I hope to size-down a Christmas top bought for Bundle, email my sister for her birthday to allow for the time difference, exchange some ill-fitting pyjamas, buy him some non-slip slippers, waterproof his new shoes and hand-me-down boots, jaunt through the charity shops, finish decorating, tidy, clean, launder, write the few Christmas cards that Hubby has left for me to write (my family and closest friends), knit gifts and fast and enjoy being off work until January (or later). That should be the whole week, not just tomorrow though! Oh and play lots of Christmas and Channukkah music (three nights left)... and so to bed, it is stupid o'clock (almost two AM) and I'm not even in my pyjamas yet! Breakfast is at nine/half nine!

Six words:

Christmas coming, joy abounds, miracle birth.

Tired Mama, busy brain, sleep eludes.

Sleeping toddler, snoozing man, blogging lady.

Potty Training Bundle: Part Two

Well after a week or two of Mama geting little to no sleep and Bundle being harder to settle we reverted to cloth nappies at night (with no fleece liner so he would feel the wet instantly) and this now well slept Mama with a well-slept babe appreciated the lessening if the stress levels and there have been an increasing number of dry nights since the re-introduction and when asked Bundle says "no" to pee-pee in the nappy, pee-pee goes in the potty/toilet.

It's now been almost a month and the accidents are few and far between, though still an ever-present danger. He doesn't really request to go but we take me him about every hour or when we know is necessary (e.g. before going in the car or after arriving at the shops/playplace etc.). He is holding it longer and konger and testing out his limits more by resisting going occasionally (and having accidents right after which I allow although I know they are going to happen as this is how he will learn). We introduced the wearing of underpants yesterday and he loves them! He doesn't want to go in his pants or in his trousers and he is just blossoming. Given the choice the last couple of nights, he is choosing nappies at night and that is fine he is making his decision to stay there for now and I can accept that happily (for now). He sleeps and I, well I still have insomnia but I sleep too.

Six words:

Growing boy, underpants super cute, proud.

Us, proud of him and him, proud of himself.