Friday, 6 December 2013

Advent 2013: Part Four

*Updated since I forgot to hit publish anyway*

Tomorrow is already here and yet I haven't slept, (*and didn't until half twelve or later?) so today I plan to:

Wash and dress first thing (or at least by nine o'clock) *Nope, no power and we weren't even awake until ten to nine, got washed and dressed about eleven?

Do a load of dark laundry and turn over the "whites" on the radiators/airer. *No power, no heat

Read "Christmas" by Dick Bruna to Bundle. *Read this over breakfast

Write my sister's Christmas card and post it and the other "international" cards at the local post office (or send Hubby). *Nope, tomorrow/today

String both trees with lights. *Did one in part before the power returned then finished off and added to the lights after we got power, then decorated and enjoyed the pretty (at least in low level light) especially as it's in our bedroom, reflected in the mirror and visible throughout the house as it stands at the end of apartment right in the middle, Bundle's reaction after just the lights were added was wow - so worth it!

Attach one of the bed rails to the cot-bed. *Nope

Have Dad tighten/add another screw to the cot-bed. *Nope

Have Dad cut a 23" square of plywood for me. *Nope but did ask him

Have Dad cut-down my "broken" wise man for me to sand him for use. *Bless him he'd already sanded it down so it stood upright so had to explain why I'd drawn a line further up, thanks Dad for not getting annoyed about that (definitely a first)

Give Dad plans for "Lucy's learning tower." *Nope but I did build the stepstool (too high for Bundle without the support structure)

Plan outfit for Sunday's anniversary lunch. *Nope

Buy/make 40th anniversary card for in-laws. *Nope

Pack away autumn. *Nope

Put away emptied Christmas decoration boxes. *Nope but they are now gathered into the master bedroom by the wardrobes

Explain "new" sleep expectations to Bundle for nap and bedtime. *Yep, no more pushing therefore no nap was had (aside from a snooze on the breast) but with a couple of songs he was out like a light at bedtime (alas very unsettled night since - hello I am typing this after five and been up since four - after he was literally screaming, ah the joys)

Tidy nursery bed. *Yip and hurray as it was about time

Tidy books/toys and make a dedicated space for the Christmas books. *Nope

Pack away Channukkah in marked box (to be added to over the next year, think blue and white Magen David, wooden Hannukkiah set, pewter Hannukkiah and blue/white candles, dreidels and fill-able dreidels, chocolate gelt, Hannukkah cardigans). *Thought about it but didn't, keeping out my mini-Hannukkiah anyhow with the Chritsmas decs since it's cute

*Sidenotes saying I would light candles for the power cut saw Bundle head straight for where the assembled tealights/Hannukkiah had been - bless.

*Bundle put out one of the tealights with his finger, that's one way to learn Mama wasn't lying when she said it was hot

*Raging headaches caused by screaming toddlers at four in the morning are not pleasant

*Why does one stormy night lead to power cuts nationally every year? Do they somehow forget that winter is a season that happens annually and therefore not winterproof - I know first world problem or what?!

*Need to pick up the family Christmas dinner ham (that we won't actually be eating) tomorrow/today also

*Tea and buns at a (just recently finished) student's house tomorrow/today, we (Bundle my Mama and I) just fell in love with M and her Mama K, it will be lovely to see the kitchen/extension I've heard so much about and for Bundle and M to enjoy another playtime, they're so sweet together (the eight-and-a-half year gap means nothing to them). M is his sister by another mother

*Lights and decorations on our main tree tomorrow/today I hope and finishing off/tidying/dusting the other wee spaces around the house

*Getting to my actually present making i.e. knitting for Christmas would be advisable too, I have eight scarves to knit (six of which will have to at least be done by Christmas Eve though preferably before), better get motoring as there are only eighteen/nineteen days left!

*And so to bed ...(it is twenty to six after all)...

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