Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent 2013

Enjoying a foray into celebrating Channukkah this year, it has overlapped the start of Advent and well I just wasn't ready for Advent to begin. The Jesse Tree is undecided, the decorations unmade and so I think next year will be time enough for it. We have two new nativities this year though and numerous children's Bibles and a little one who enjoys reading with a fervour unforeseen even by this reading-mad Mama so I think Advent will certainly be a time of preparation for the "big day" just without a script per say.

Decorating has begun in earnest with boxes upon boxes unloaded from the wardrobes as the little one drifted off to dream world (nap and bedtime). Our "wee room" is all but decorated (I was waiting for a vase to dry which will be filled with blue and white baubles). The hallway and doors off it are adorned. Autumn is all but packed away (only tablecloths and kitchen linens to go I believe). The nativities await the clearing off of the "old dining table" on Wednesday when Bundle's two-week birthday period ends and the cards come down and streamers and birthday signs are packed away once again. The piano is topped with seven snow globes, three snowmen, Santa's workshop scene and an orphan plastic reindeer figurine. The Christmas music book is open on the music stand. One of the winter-y pictures is displayed upon the easel. A collection of candles has gathered, as has another of lanterns, another of snowmen and another of Santas. There are soft bodied reindeer, snowmen and Santas strewn around the sofas and stockings and Santa hats will call to Bundle in the morning. The trees await "building" - a six-footer for the lounge in traditional red, green and gold and a five-footer for the bedroom in much more modern purple, pink and silver. The silver round post-modern spiral will more than likely adorn our chest-of-drawers whilst I'll borrow a bare-branch white wooden tree from my Mama to sit atop our dining room sideboard and accompany our Christmas dinner without over-powering the room (I hope). The red light-up reindeer will grace the kitchen windowsill and I've even managed to decorate Bundle's play kitchen with light-weight wooden blocks spelling out JOY on the top of the upper-cabinets. Our new "Merry Christmas" banner hangs happily over our bed and this Mama is enjoying the accompanying excitement as she anticipates the month of holiday cheer ahead.

Tomorrow the tree-building (ugh) and taking Bundle on a tour of all the decorations but first a lovely breakfast outing with my parents before they high-tail it to Australia for the holidays and then I hope to size-down a Christmas top bought for Bundle, email my sister for her birthday to allow for the time difference, exchange some ill-fitting pyjamas, buy him some non-slip slippers, waterproof his new shoes and hand-me-down boots, jaunt through the charity shops, finish decorating, tidy, clean, launder, write the few Christmas cards that Hubby has left for me to write (my family and closest friends), knit gifts and fast and enjoy being off work until January (or later). That should be the whole week, not just tomorrow though! Oh and play lots of Christmas and Channukkah music (three nights left)... and so to bed, it is stupid o'clock (almost two AM) and I'm not even in my pyjamas yet! Breakfast is at nine/half nine!

Six words:

Christmas coming, joy abounds, miracle birth.

Tired Mama, busy brain, sleep eludes.

Sleeping toddler, snoozing man, blogging lady.

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