Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent 2013: Part Two

During morning milkies (after a second consecutive dry night) my son excitedly noticed the Merry Christmas wooden letters banner above our bed, I told him there was lots to see and I'd give him a tour. Well as if there was ever any doubt that he was my son - he greeted the partially decorated (things grouped but not set out, boxes and boxes yet to be unpacked and ne'er a tree to be seen) with a wow! He just loved it all and when I'd finished the "tour" he asked for more - joy-filled Mama morning for sure.

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast with my folks at a favourite haunt and I picked up a honey dipper which I'm planning to use as a mini-whisk (both for myself and for Bundle to practise his stirring skills in due course). Bundle was beautifully behaved as he ate and took in his surroundings (enjoying the decorated trees and chandeliers). We enjoyed our fill then had a couple of impromptu "tours" around the area on our circuitous route home and discovering (well a discovery for me anyhow) a factory outlet of a wood-burning stove company - definitely an addition to our home we would love.

Play time, stories, milkies and bed for the baby while I started laundry, finished cataloguing our Christmas books and then headed in for a rest myself (alas sleep eluded me again - fyi I was up until after three and arose at quarter past/half-eight). Bundle slept a good solid two hours and arose from his dry (vest and pants-clad) nap to resist pottying and enjoy his milkies first; he was in no rush for the potty afterwards either, he's holding it for longer and longer as he really finds his limitations, or is "forced" (read deeply encouraged) to go by a Mama who needs to drive somewhere or put him down for a sleep.

Straight up from nap, we dressed and headed off to exchange his birthday gift t-shirt so that he can actually wear it now (since it is Christmas-themed, well Santa-themed, after all). As a happy consequence of the this exchange this Mama got herself a lovely Christmassy red cardigan and bam-bam-baaaam more importantly was able to get the ba a wonderful pair of rubber-(read grip)-soled slippers, for now in red and yellow with a monkey? face and for the next size up in light blue with a dog's face and fluffy ears - yay!

I rang my Papa to have him turn on my oven (thanks Papa) and threw the tea together as soon as we got in. Bundle had a small portion of homemade thick vegetable blended soup, peas, green beans, the end of his cheesy crackers and raisins snack, cheese and meatball pizza, Hawaiian pizza and a potato waffle. Whilst the Hubby and I had the two pizzas, potato waffles, peas, green beans and mushrooms in butter.

Post-dinner my Hubs and I just glowed as we watched our wee one cavort about in his pants, sitting up at the (perfectly-Bundle-sized) coffee table to play with a puzzle and just gad about and generally entertain us. The Hubby then nipped off to a church meeting whilst I settled Bundle for the night - playtime, tidying up, pooing by himself in the potty (with only a gentle reminder to remove his pants first tee-hee), closing curtains and laying out tomorrow's clothes, stories, milkies, toilet and being sung/pushed to sleep.

About two hours later he stirred (dry and in pants for the night - his choice) to use the bathroom and feed himself back over to sleep again. We are just so proud to be your parents little one, wet or dry.

Oh as for Advent, we read Christmas books and I thought about but didn't build a tree - instead I surfed (internet only) and watched a couple of stupid programmes.

It's now almost twelve and time for bed.

*Updated to add* he wet our bed at half twelve! So after stripping him and the bed he continued the night in a nappy (dry of course). It seems to be a confidence thing, happy to hold it in a nappy but perhaps a lottle stressed about it all in pants???

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