Monday, 2 December 2013

Potty Training Bundle: Part Two

Well after a week or two of Mama geting little to no sleep and Bundle being harder to settle we reverted to cloth nappies at night (with no fleece liner so he would feel the wet instantly) and this now well slept Mama with a well-slept babe appreciated the lessening if the stress levels and there have been an increasing number of dry nights since the re-introduction and when asked Bundle says "no" to pee-pee in the nappy, pee-pee goes in the potty/toilet.

It's now been almost a month and the accidents are few and far between, though still an ever-present danger. He doesn't really request to go but we take me him about every hour or when we know is necessary (e.g. before going in the car or after arriving at the shops/playplace etc.). He is holding it longer and konger and testing out his limits more by resisting going occasionally (and having accidents right after which I allow although I know they are going to happen as this is how he will learn). We introduced the wearing of underpants yesterday and he loves them! He doesn't want to go in his pants or in his trousers and he is just blossoming. Given the choice the last couple of nights, he is choosing nappies at night and that is fine he is making his decision to stay there for now and I can accept that happily (for now). He sleeps and I, well I still have insomnia but I sleep too.

Six words:

Growing boy, underpants super cute, proud.

Us, proud of him and him, proud of himself.

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