Thursday, 14 November 2013

Potty Training Bundle

He's been toileted (by us, and others mainly my Dad and MIL) since he was five months but we didn't "do EC" in its fullest capacity so with hypospadias repair a distant memory (read everything healing nicely with the passing of a week-and-a-half) and the pee stream beautifully straight...

Sidenote - I cried, I properly burst into tears at the sight of that straight stream exiting as it always should have; I held him aloft over the sink (in front of the mirror) as I used to when he was small and turned us slightly sideways to see more clearly and enjoyed that toileting experience with such emotion as my baby's op was proven successful (no small matter, one-in-ten to one-in-twenty require a follow-up op; as the surgeon described it, the repair would be more art than science). This was on Saturday (a week past on Wednesday from the op), the day before PT day, with our water cut-off for two days and counting due to a burst pipe and a trip to the in-laws' necessary in order to shower.

... I was sooooo DONE with nappies and so we started. After a later night (a wonderful concert at church) and no need to leave "the commune" (our pet name for our family farm of three houses - our's, my parents' and my sis/BIL's; we, Bundle and I, skipped the remembrance service at church - with our church hosting the town's servicemen's service I find the focus on men's sacrifice much more so than God's and whilst I greatly support the services and the freedoms which they protect(ed), I don't feel it appropriate that their roles in our country's life, past and present, should be celebrated in place of Sunday worship of God) we set to, or you know meant to, first thing.

Bundle didn't sleep fabulously and Mama certainly didn't so I slept in while Daddy handled brekky and so PT began at about noon and we jumped in with both feet - day and night, goodbye nappies. Goodbye clothes also, as we cranked the heat and I shut us in the master bedroom/en-suite with our two potties and a box of toys, books and puzzles for some intense mama/boy bonding. Nap wasn't dry (surprising as it often is) and one little wet on the floor (stopped straight away when attention was brought to it and finished in the potty). Unsettled night as mama got little to no sleep and Bundle fought it tooth and nail (perhaps not liking his attire - no bottoms).

Day two and a trip out (clothed) to do some laundry and visit the neighbour grandparents briefly. No more sleep to be had.

Day three and a repeat of the trip above, then a trip (in the car) to visit the other grandparents (snack eaten there, dry throughout with two potty trips whilst there). No more sleep, terrible night - mama got a wet top and a lie-in which alas did little to improve her mood which needed adjusting.

Day four and a number two accident (in trousers) with his Daddy, who (thank you honey!) cleared it up too. Two hour nap, had to wake him, piddled half-way through after a wee slip. A nappy! put on for a two hour plus time of being minded at the grandparents' and removed as soon as we got home, he requested milkies twice/thrice (unheard of) extra and had a woo-hoo moment when he was left to play alone (and bottomless as he can't push down his trousers by himself - a skill we've been working on) whilst I made my tea (he'd eaten). He appeared in with me looking guilty and I followed him to seek out the present/puddle - only to find number twos in the potty!!!! Woo-hoo!!! Coudldn't get him off to sleep for about two hours! Knackered and still up (after midnight), really not sleeping well at the present time.

Here's to a better night ahead and drier times and a move from I've peed through I'm peeing to I need to pee...

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