Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Advent 2013: Part Three

The tree is built (ugh, next year that is so the Hubby's job) but it really is too big for its table base and so needs a plywood square to provide a more stable (read Bundle-proof) base. Si I've just left it in all its evergreen (fake) goodness and haven't even added the lights. Decorating at large continues, slowly, because I'm quite out of sorts so I am.

Bundle went down for nap today in pants as per usual (for nap) and I tried to get him to settle himself a little more which led to a two hour bedtime, four toilet trips (two included poos), two wee-d on pairs of pants, his last (doesn't popper under him) vest heading into the laundry basket (must do laundry, again) along with his blankets. Mama who was waiting on him to sleep so she could shower, losing it, shouting, putting him into a nappy and back into the buggy with the instruction to stay put or else and heading for the shower (door open). Returned fifteen minutes later to a sleeping babe. Frustrating, also I'll have to wake him since he took so long to go over (even though I started early). Ugh! Yucky day but at least I'm clean.

Six Words:

Frustrated tired but clean Mama, ugh.

Sleeping, infuriating but lovable Bundle, peaceful.

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