Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year, New Leaf, New(-ish) Goals...2014.Journal.Jan.1

It's January first and I'm still finishing out the many many goals and to do lists and well they are neverending and totally acheievable if I've a mind to it. If I've a mind?!

I'm tired after a few nights of less sleep and an up-and-down sorry for his-self baby with a bit of a dose. I've hardly seen my husband despite his being off and right now as I type, he is sat in the living room enjoying the new episode of Sherlock that I've been sooooo looking forward to while I am posting, sat up in bed with a snotty, tossy-turny baby failing to get over to sleep in his toddler bed next to ours (where he will no doubt finish out the night, assuming he ever starts it). Bliss, joy and thank goodness for iplayer.

So new year, new goals, new, new, new and yet nothing new under the sun and still the same old life and day-to-days and the same old body needing rejuvenated and downsized and definitely remoulded and redressed. The same wackadoodle mind and alas the same temperament despite two instances of very unusually calm me - Hubby obliterated my new (got it for Christmas) bottle of perfume and then sweet darling son who is NOT ALLOWED to play with Mummy's phone, picked it up, dropped it and well it does still work in all instances but the screen is shattered and rough (though a screen cover sorted that problem out) and doesn't allow for easy viewing of texts, emails etc. I didn't flinch even though as far as I was concerned, this was to be my phone for another two months. Hubby checked, I'm eligible for an early upgrade in ONE WEEK (he isn't until July bless him). Woo-hoo! New phone and I kept my temper!!!

Baby sleeping or should I say snoring and snorting!

We did share a lovely family meal out this evening (settled, quiet and reasonably obedient baby who ate okay and two loved up parents, mwah). Pizza and veg for the babe and myself. Thanks Mama for a great Christmas gift!

In wonderful brainwave style there will now follow a "my day in six words" and one for everyday of January thereafter (I hope):


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