Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday Weight-in #3

ATM - there has been no more exercise beyond walking around Ikea :) and no ket up in the chocolate consumption (I think the house is almost empty of the stuff). Mood has been very changeable with very low lows so I certainly haven't felt up to much but I was encouraged to see another loss and another mini-goal met.

First "ThingsIWannaDoList" Goal - Lose weight to reach thirteen stone seven (189 lbs)
Second "ThingsIWannaDoList" Goal - Lose weight to reach thirteen stone even (182 lbs)

Jan.1 - 13 st 9 lbs (191 lbs)
Jan.8 - 13 st 6 lbs (188 lbs)
Jan.15 - 13 st 4 lbs (186 lbs)

This week's mini goal is to lose another two pounds, a "healthy" weight-loss so "they" say and half-way to my next "ThingsIWannaDoList" Goal. More Some effort may actually be required;)

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