Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wednesday Weigh-in #2

ATM - not eating any better and still at zero exercise, not a good week - weather-wise, sleep-wise or mood-wise. I did take a slightly longer route back (through the park) to the car on my return from my podiatry appointment, big whoop! My aim for this week was to lose three pounds and woohoo! little effort and rather less chocolate (though still far more than the average bear) and I hit it with bells on (i.e. I weighed myself after I got dressed).

First "ThingsIWannaDoList" Goal - Lose weight to reach thirteen stone seven (189 lbs)
Second "ThingsIWannaDoList" Goal - Lose weight to reach thirteen stone even (182 lbs)

Jan.1 - 13 st 9 lbs (191 lbs)
Jan.8 - 13 st 6 lbs (188 lbs)

So first "ThingsIWannaDoList" goal met as well as this week's mini-goal.

Had a mile walk this morning so I've already startted off this week right and this week's mini goal is to lose another two pounds, the Christmas chocolate is almost gone and I WILL eat less and move more, here's hoping.

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