Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wednesday Weigh-in #1

ATM - not eating very well, plenty of the good but far too much of the bad, zero exercise

First "ThingsIWannaDoList" Goal - Lose weight to reach thirteen stone seven (189 lbs)

Jan.1 - 13 st 9 lbs (191 lbs)

This week my mini-goal is to lose three pounds, which will also help me meet my first full goal - I will still be eating the Christmas chocolates ;) but I also hope to begin a better regime of walking a mile a day (for starters but also weather permitting as I'm a total wuss and today was just horrible and so didn't happen), eating less of the loverly choccy et al and just generally eating less, moving more. It will help that I'll usually weigh-in first thing Wednesdays in a born free style of dress, today's weigh-in was sponsored by half-past-ten-at-night-after-an-unhealthy-eating-day-and-a-family-dinner-out-of-almost-a-whole-Hawaiian-pizza-with-mushrooms-(yummy)-whilst--wearing-my-new-Christmas-fleecy-jim-jams-socks-and-slippers :) so setting a reasonably low bar I am hoping for a successful first week to set me off on this (not again) journey of weight-loss.

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