Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bundle Tales (2y8m)

Saying his memory verses Jeremiah 29:11, Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and James 1:5 too cute

Building towers, cherry pickers and boats out of duplo (werry pickers)

The "I love you Mummy" that comes out of nowhere, closely followed by "love Daddy too"

TMI but when you ask if he's pooed he's all "pees, no poos Mummy" and it's very cute

"In wummer wong" requesting the in summer song from Frozen as well as wet (let) it go and bill (build) a woe-man (snowman)

Saying the "go away onno" "nope" tongue clicking (of the ticking clock) and "don't you dare" spoken parts of songs from frozen

Requesting maccabeats and pentatonix songs - he has good taste in acapella my boy

Loving the books Tractor Trouble and Nursies when the sun shines so much that they (amongst many others) are memorised

Sleeping in his big bed (in the nursery) with Bugle Bunny and Flat Teddy

Loving his summer sandals (so much easier to put on than socks and shoes

Loving trips to Portrush to visit friends and the other grandparents at their (rararan) caravan

Enjoying telling us who is on holiday and that Daddy is working in England (so clearly enunciated) for a few days

Still loving playing with wicks (sticks)

Enjoying his nana nulck (banana milk)

Getting into eating sandwiches for lunch (so handy) and drinking through a straw (especially soup and smoothies)

Soup is whoop and it's adorable

"Play outside" is a constant refrain

Recognised the number four unbidden and we had a huge chat all about the letter w at his request the other night, loving all the learning by osmosis

*Updated to add about a week later*

Duplo builds now include that typical choice of wheelbarrow

Tow-bar (an item with which we are somewhat obsessed) has been rendered tool-bar for quite a while, despite many repetitions by Mummy and Daddy to the contrary. It is cute though.

Our missing sounds including the hard c/k previously heard us talk about the wangaroos in Oz but this is slowly correcting but our youngest auntie is gutted by this improvement.

We've just started to count unhelped and often with no prompting up to ten. He's been able to count up to twenty with some encouragement for a while but this was the first straight-through one to ten.

*Update #2 after another few days*

Bundle boy loves to be pushed over onto his back on the bed (has done for months upon months) and requests, "Mummy push *Bundle* over."

Previously he had enjoyed pushing himself backward from the bedhead and he's started to do that again, as he landed I always naturally said "boom" and now he says (very excitedly), "Bundle do booms," and proceeds to do a trust fall onto the bed time and again with a look of pure joy on his face.

Tumbles (sommersaults/forward or backward rolls) have been added to our repertoire in the last number of months and he tumbles backwards (with a little nudge) off the feeding pillow as he finishes his nursing and then enjoys some forward tumbles the full-length of the bed from standing with a little nudge to just tip the balance. "More tumbles Mummy!"

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