Thursday, 31 October 2013

Day 31 - Cleaning around a catheter

Actually was fairly productive today as we "relaxed" post-operatively, Hubs allowed me a rest-in (completely awake time to myself in a somewhet zombified state following the unsettled-ness of the baby's sleep. He freaked out at eleven o'clock and we HAD TO FORCE PAIN MEDS INTO HIM; from then he slept and fed well and then had a wakeful period from 6-7am so I was basically awake.

We were awaiting the morning poo and the changing of both nappies, disentangling the catheter, keeping his hands from it, keeping it from dripping over the new nappies/changing area/Bundle himself, while actually cleaning him up and also keeping him out of the poo and away from his bandaged up genitals - why do mums have only two hands? He got there comfortably (yay) and we set to with some bickering and little "spillage" but intact.

Fast forward through a lovely visit to the in-laws' house (including seeing our wee 3yo niece) and then home for a story, milkies, (no toilet), putting his doll to bed and then going himself after prayers. Bundle stirred after forty-five minutes and then fed/slept attached until the two hour mark. A dry outer nappy in place, dolly awakened and after some playtime with Granda, his 9yo boy cuz and Nanny, I started on our dinner preparations. Midway my nostrils were assaulted, Bundle wasn't upset (yay) and poo number two (pun intended) of the day was facing me.

Nanny had gone to bed and Granda had taken my nephew home so Han Solo I prepared for battle. I worked quicker, distracted (where is your head?) and only had slight "spillage" and excessive wipe-usage as the bad points to the change.

Dinner was had and enjoyed to the accompanying family-friendly movie, "Yours, mine and ours" and was followed up by a productive clean-up/empty dishwasher/reload it/repack baby bag/put away laundry time. As often occurs we also had an evening ablution that I didn't hesitate to handle alone.

I was better prepared and after feeding the catheter tube ends back through the inner nappy I wrapped them in a cloth nappy fleece liner, held in place with sellotape, to prevent further "spillage." Distractions were less effective and a stern tone and hand removal were the only things that prevented Bundle from removing his catheter (twice), scary stuff. Poo clean-up complete I unwrapped, reinserted and nappied him up for the night.

So he has the catheter in until mid-morning Monday and it cannot come soon enough and yet I can only pray it's long enough to allow greater healing of his "high-powered hose." In the meantime, pyjamas are the order of the day.

31 days of Cleaning House has not exactly been mastered but it was at least discussed, baby steps people!

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