Friday, 4 October 2013

Day 4 - Who has time to clean?

Today's cleaning schedule called for nothing, well nothing beyond the regular quick cleans of the bathroom and kitchen and making the bed anywho and it's just as well. I had hoped to get around to cleaning the last few pieces of silver (a tray, hatpin holder, napkin ring and jewellery box), but seriously who has time to clean?

Tots' group first thing, then a couple of errands then home for naptime/lunch then straight into dropping Sunny next door for me to tutor C. Then helped my Mama with dinner preparations and wasn't home until Sunny's bedtime, oh and insomnia which had me up until four means I'm about as useful as a chocolate poker and therefore won't do wnything before I collapse into bed.

So, seriously, who has time for cleaning?

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