Sunday, 27 October 2013

Day 27 - Cleaning up the visual

An old display unit, for what - who knows, recently unearthed at the back of an outhouse and given a thorough going over. Placed horizontal rather than the vertical stance its brackets suggested and filled with an assortment of small "treasures," mostly of my husband's bachelorhood. Trinkets of worth to him but not necessarily of tremendous beauty. Gathered together, the trinkets, including a couple of my own, and the small shells and stones to add a touch of nature, a display worthy of witness - a gathering of us both and our lives and loves. Simple and yet not quite as it shoukd be - the unit darkly painted failing to show off the "treasures" and so to scrapbooking or rather scrapbook paper and the large collection I have gathered up over the years. A few small rectangles of lighter paper (chosen with input from the Hubby) and the "treasures" are offset and ready for a proper exhibition.

Beautifying our space, making it ours, cleaning up the visual of the old and making it new.

Christ risen cleans up the visual of our hearts and makes them new and clean, showing off His love if only we allow it.

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