Thursday, 10 October 2013

Day 10 - Finding the floor

Today's mission was to clean the floor under the master bed and cot and to clear underneath the bed in the nursery and clean under there too.

To avoid another unpleasant allergy attack I was armed with the wet cloth mop thingy and I think it's helped, no sneezing and sniffling here.

Alas my time management (and lots to do including an appointment and shopping trip) has left the job only half done and in fact I've probably hidden away more floor than I've found today. I don't understand how others work so quickly or productively, I've never had that ability; I crave it. Forever and always it has been that the path to tidy and organised is one heck of a mess, a household/room in chaos and never looking like there has actually been any progress until I've completely finished. How I long to not make a mess in order to tidy but acceptance of this state of being is the first step to recovery perhaps. Anyway here'e to finding some flooring while losing the rest...

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