Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day 1 - 31 days of Cleaning House

I hadn't written here for a while, too busy writing a sister blog of challenges, to do lists and done lists that has been helping me to focus greatly and improve spiritually and emotionally mainly, while also upping my game in the day to day running of my home. Today I've come home. This blog was to be my journey from house to home and this journey has continued apace - with less beauty, less philosophy but oodles more practicality. This month I return here to allow the whimsy to re-enter my journey forward, ever forward.

I was quite unconscious as September slipped into October and the 31 days of posts began, and yet, yesterday began my new journey/challenge (on my "His Challenge Accepted" blog) of adopting a cleaning schedule. The decision to make this my next challenge was the prodding of that still small voice of God, not, you know the "voices" and the first step in this voyage was simple - pray.

Prayer was/is a necessity as I step out on this journey - was I ready to commit to a level of cleaning that most people would still consider sub-par? Could I possibly jump in with both feet?

No, no I couldn't and certainly not in and of my own strength. With Divine assistance the plan is still, slowly, slowly, catch-y monkey - aiming to build up to my schedule steadily and thus more acheivably.

So Day 1 - pray and plan.

So here's the plan:

--- brush out en-suite
--- brush out master bedroom
--- brush out nursery
--- clean en-suite
--- dust master bedroom
--- dust nursery

Tuesdays (kitchen)
--- brush floor
--- clean appliance fronts
--- clean counters
--- clean cupboard doors
--- scrub and shine sink and draining area
--- scrub floor

--- brush dining room
--- brush guest bathroom
--- brush hallway
--- clean dining room table/change tablecloth
--- clean guest bathroom
--- dust dining room
--- dust hallway
--- dust wee room
--- straighten dining room
--- straighten hallway
--- straighten wee room

Thursdays (except third of the month)
--- complete a bigger/often-put-off cleaning task such as:
--- cleaning out the microwave and thoroughly cleaning and shining the hob OR
--- clearing out and cleaning the fridge OR
--- stocktaking the freezer, updating the inventory and de-icing it OR
--- cleaning the "outside" toilet OR
--- clearing, cleaning and tidying the utility/laundry area OR
--- cleaning the oven OR
--- washing windows or glass panelled doors OR
--- a major decluttering/spring cleaning/decorating project etc.

Fridays (every other week)
--- vacuum area rug in the lounge
--- vacuum carpet in the wee room

--- brush lounge
--- change bed linen (every two/three weeks)
--- dust lounge
--- dust and tidy car interior
--- mop or spot check lounge floor
--- straighten lounge

--- rest

Already in place are the daily habits of laundry, a quick-clean of the bathrooms and the kitchen/sink. I also already bleach the toilets three times a week. While brushing out and cleaning the en-suite has been a Monday task for a number of weeks. The bed is made evry morning and that has certainly been a good habit to add. This month will focus on simply working through the above schedule as much as I can and giving myself grace when I fail but staying committed enough to jump back in and keep trying.

Here's to a month of cleaning house, sorry I mean a month of cleaning (my) house (more) and not stopping this oh so exciting schedule once the month is up, but in point of fact actually cleaning my house everyday for like ever!

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