Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 9 - Cleaning out the (figurative) cobwebs

This morning was mostly about clearing out the mental clutter; for some reason writing lists, making plans - fulfilled or otherwise is an extremely calming activity for me.

While Hubby and Bundle had a lovely breakfast, dressed and visited Granny together, I had a restful lie-in, delicious omelette and planning/reading time, all while sat in bed. KNOWING AND BELIEVING that Hubby was happy for me (and in fact very encouraging of me) to take a rest made all the difference, it made the time truly restful. The relaxation allowed me time to recover from yesterday's dust-bunny-induced-allergy-attack and greatly lessened the "thrills" of the extreme hormone rollercoaster I've been riding since Friday last.

As for actual physical cleaning, some still happened but not to schedule; just the organic, natural flow of that needs cleaned so I'll clean it.

Tonight I may be slowly alighting from the rollercoaster car and I am truly grateful.

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