Saturday, 26 October 2013

Day 26 - Toddling along...

Today was not a day of much cleaning or clearing or tidying or organising, it was a day of baby steps, toddling along...

Today I cleared the detritus of papers from the top of my bedside cabinet; it wasn't much of a pile, a couple of notebooks, a few letters waiting to be filed away but there it had sat for so long. The clearing took little time and yet the effect was remarkable. I wouldn't have said the space was messy or cluttered and yet clearing proved that it had been. The "cleared" surface or as cleared as it would ever be was more restful, more peaceful, a calmer visual; calm is especially of importance for the insomniac and so I will endeavour to keep it clear. The touch-lamp, water bottle and box of tissues, ever-ready and waiting for the constant use all three items get, they alone shall remain.

Today I washed two full loads (and one yesterday) and hung to dry the light and easily dried items downstairs and the non-dryer thicker items across the radiators upstairs and dryer items were gathered from both loads before that helper was called into play. My maidservants worked hard for me today and I thank God for them.

Today I quick-cleaned both bathrooms.

Today I visited with my parents at the outreach cafe of our church and enjoyed a freshly baked date and wheaten scone with jam and cream and shared a slice of scrumptious apple pie with Bundle. I enjoyed his hand-loading of his teaspoon with his mini-crackers and grape halves and his sheer delight at the piece of iced cake I allowed him.

I enjoyed an afternoon visit to my parents' home and a catch-up chatter with my mother as Bundle played in the wide variety of cast-off toys. They go to Australia for three months and we'll all feel their loss.

Following my Cleaning Schedule is the goal but as insomnia knocks me or emotions rage through me and depresssion takes the legs from under me I am thankful for a loving husband and son and wonderful family to cheer me on, make me a cuppa and just live alongside me. The house has seem improvements and I have a long way to go but I am glad that God's grace sustains me and not the ability to eat off my floor, although I do anyway :) five second rule people!

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