Wednesday, 23 October 2013

#4 Weekly Weigh-In

Keeping track thrice weekly but here's the official weekly weigh-in:

#4 13 st 0 lbs (182 pounds)
#3 12 st 11 lbs (179 pounds)

This is what happens when you eat junk food solidly from Monday night until Wednesday evening when your Hubby gies out of the country in business. I chose this path; I knew I'd gain. Back on the wagon again tomorrow and back on the path to my next goal.

Third Goal - to reach my lowest post-partum weight (12 st 8 lbs) and get back to where I was 2009/2010
Reward - add a sticker to my "star chart" for every pound lost, working toward another book buying reward and jump around the house like a mad thing.

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