Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#3 Weekly Weigh-In

Keeping track thrice weekly but here's the official weekly weigh-in:

#3 12 st 11 lbs (179 pounds)
#2 12 st 13 lbs (181 pounds)

Second Goal - to lose something
Reward - to ironically get to eat another ten peach loop sweets

Yummy, yummy, yummy, in my tummy! So pleased too, wasn't expecting two pounds off!

This week (in the early hours of Tuesday morning to be precise) I began reading the "42 days to fit" and "100lb loser" e-books in preparation for taking the 42 days challenge (my next-but-one new challenge I think).

The 42 days challenge aims to help you lose 15-20 pounds which would be an amazing weight-loss to add to my eleven pounds so far (this from my original of 13 st 8 lbs not from the start of this weekly weigh-in blogging, a loss of only three pounds). A 15-20 pound loss would be especially helpful as I have another 47 pounds to lose to reach what would be considered a healthy weight for my height, namely 9 st 6 lbs.

Generally speaking "they" say you should aim for two pounds a week, but even a quarter of that (a pound/fortnight) would see me reach my weight-loss goal in less than two years which is a fabulus feat considering it took me well over a decade to get here. A one pound a week loss would see me hit my goal in less than a year and I think (pregnancy-permitting) it is not unreasonable of me to consider losing at least a pound a week for the next six months or so, so I am setting myself a longer-term goal of 32 pounds by my next birthday (my 32nd, which is actually about 31 weeks away). So here goes:

Third Goal
To reach (at least)my lowest post-partum weight (12 st 8 lbs) and get back to where I was in 2009/2010

Add a sticker to my "star chart" for every pound lost so far (since week one) i.e. at least six, this star chart is working toward another book buying reward. Oh and jump around the house like a mad thing.

First L-T Goal
To weigh no more than 10 st 7 lbs by 21st May, 2014 (the Wednesday closest to my 32nd birthday)
Kindle? New iPad? Ki-fit sub? New book? Chocolate??? A much smaller bottom? The ability to fit into my smaller clothes? To Be Confirmed.

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