Wednesday, 30 October 2013

#5 Weekly Weigh-in

Keeping track thrice weekly but here's the official weekly weigh-in (actually from yesterday):

#5 13 st 0 lbs (182 pounds)
#4 13 st 0 lbs (182 pounds)

Amazingly an almost-week of overeating and indulging and lots of chocolate hasn't thrown my weight off (it went up then back down across the week). Emotional eating was/is the rule at the moment but hopefully I'll put myself back on track after Bundle's op is over him (it was this morning by the time for which this is scheduled).

Third Goal - to reach my lowest post-partum weight (12 st 8 lbs) and get back to where I was 2009/2010
Reward - add a sticker to my "star chart" for every pound lost, working toward another book buying reward and jump around the house like a mad thing.

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