Monday, 14 October 2013

Day 14 - Hi-ho-hi-ho I clean as I go

Cleaning schedule aside (a trip to Ikea with my Mama, SportySis and Bundle rather got in the way) I cooked up a storm of pancakes (flipping pancakes for an-hour-and-a-half cos if I do them on a high heat they all just burn) for tonight's tea and future dinners (they freeze beautifully separated out with oft-reused squares of grease-proof paper).

When I finished the kitchen was no disaster, not even dare I say a mess. Why? Well, because I learned the golden rule, the one I always though was stupid, and I cleaned as I went along:

I made up the pancake batter this morning and stored it in a empty milk jug in the fridge (my Dad always swore by letting it sit a while in the fridge).
The batter dishes from this morning were put into the (emptied before breakfast) dishwasher.
Spills were wiped up as soon as they were made and before they set hard.
I wore my apron and used it to protect my clothing and wipe at my hands to save numerous washings.
Non-dishwasher dishes were rinsed out and set into the basin beneath the sink (out of sight and thus not causing visual clutter) or into the sink itself (not piled high or obstructive).
Bundle was attended to so he didn't make extra messes.
I continued to make and plate and clear and clean as I went while cooking and finished up the last pancake with oil already back in the cupboard, dishes already in the dishwasher, Bundle cleaned up and away with Daddy to get ready for bed and the box of pancakes for the freezer filled and finishing its cooling.

Food for our dinner, food for the freezer and a not overwhelmed kitchen or pile of dishes to greet my Hubby.

Joy, joy.

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