Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 30 - Thankful for Clean

Today I was thankful for clean, or more precisely sterile as my Bundle underwent a hypospadias repair operation.

I was also thankful for the many prayers that accompanied him "under the knife;" the lovely surgeon, A Dick (I kid you not); being first then bumped only to second on the theatre list; being "farmed out" to a private hospital on the public health service, which despite the added miles of travel (getting up at half five this morning) was wonderful, friendly, aesthetically pleasing and noticeably cleaner; for warm-hearted encouraging staff nurses; for encouraging and prayerful texts and for the news that my grandfather (though struggling with low blood pressure) came through his op. last night as well.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Going in I had struggled for days with emotions but I was strong for my son beginning last night and lasting until after I left him "sleeping" on the operating table, at which point the tears flowed, I didn't even realise I'd walked up a flight of ten steps to meet my husband.

Afterwards he was somewhat distraught for the first hour, settling only while (breast)feeding and then eating and drinking - poor wee mite he has done so well today.

My dark thoughts coming in to the op. had included every variation of the worst-case scenario and thus all happiness today was magnified, it is how I have always processed information. I went in fully giving him to God and I came out blessed that God allowed us to keep him, intact. My preparations included many photographs and a voice recording of his latest jabbering and they shall be treasured regardless but how lovely to have kept "the real thing," our bonny little boy.

Now sleeping in his double nappy with catheter in place and his parents' hearts intact.

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