Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 3 - Seeing Results

Today (Thursday) my plan was to attack a bigger or more often put-off cleaning job and so I tackled that petri dish of delights - the fridge!

It, as always, had been too long since the last time and something (who knows what) had been spilled in the 'basement' under the two removable bins - yuck. I had to wash a bottle of beer along with all the shelves/bins as whatever the spill had adhered itself to the bottle, it was way beyond wiping. I employed the lazy cleaner's best friend, a sink full of hot soapy water, and let the shelves etc. soak. While I let the sink do its job I let a couple of wet rags do their's as they soaked a couple of stuck on spills into (almost) oblivion. I suppose I could have looked upon a little scrubbing as a workout but that sounded too much like work. While the soaking worked its magic I chopped some vegetables for tea.

All this to say that currently the necessities are sitting in the now wiped out fridge while the rest of its contents are sat awaiting further (probably unnecessary) refridgeration or drying.

Waiting this long to clean out the grime does have a significant benefit - you actually see the results of your (almost) labour, sparkly clean (now once more) see-through shelving and bins and well it almost makes you motivated to keep up the good work (almost).

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