Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bundle Tales #2

Dancing with lightning feet to Galway Girl.

Requesting Galway Girl by heading straight for the stereo in Nanny & Granda's.

Playing the bodrhán (both child-sized and Granda-sized and goat-skin stinky) with great gusto.

Greeting us with an enthusiastic "Hiya!" in the morning and pretty much any time we return from an absence.

Putting his legs over his Daddy's neck and also finding it more comfortable to sleep with his head hanging backwards or on top of his Mummy's legs.

Initiating "cheers" with his cup or rice cracker. (20months)

"Parking" his truck in its spot in the barn. (20months)

Carrying the nappy bucket to its home in the bathroom and putting the laundry into it. (20months)

Being so careful of kerbs and door ridges, going so far as to crawl or climb over millimetre rises. (18-20months)

Signing milkies when asked "what are we going to do now?" (20months)

Asking for a book with "beu beu" and his attempt at a book sign. (20months)

Waking to go to the toilet.

Enjoying the kookaburra hand-puppet, uncontrollable giggles when the kookaburra tries to eat him/kiss his neck, face, tummy. Including falling over from giggling so Mummy only plays at this when he's lying down. (19/20months)

His wonderful kisses where he leans in or when he lifts his chin and pouts. (18-20months)

His all-encompassing hugs, so wonderful and usually before nap or bedtime. (20months)

Playing the kissing game - everybody kiss Daddy, everybody kiss Mummy, and......everybody kiss James - cue the big giggles. (12months+)

Just adoring his books - requesting stories all day long and poring over them for up to an hour (once or twice) just staring, absorbing and flipping those pages.

Carrying sticks around at all times and following Mummy and Daddy's directions to drop them at the door (to our house or Nanny and Granda's) sometimes with squeals afterwards when the realisation hits that he no longer is holding them but increasingly with no adverse reaction. (18-20months)

Playing his xylophone, shaking his jingle bells and tambourines, drumming all available surfaces and tipping out the box of musical instruments every morning - thankfully also tidying them back into the box with direction and maybe a little squealing.

Enjoying many varied music styles and Mummy singing him nursery songs and folk songs from around the world.

Loving you to read the wall pictures/photos/art to him; there's a little girl driving a car and her dog "woof woof" is watching her; telling him the gumnut story; reading him his alphabet, a is for armadillo; there's a picture of Daddy and Bundle. (20months)

Cuddles and kisses to say sorry. (20months)

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