Monday, 19 August 2013

Top Ten - August 19th

1. White wash including baby blankets, duvet cover and pillowcases. Replace duvet cover and pillowcases.
2. Brush out en-suite, nursery and bedroom.
3. Clean en-suite, including bath and shower screen, using vinegar spray and bleach loos.
4. Calculate and set aside tithe. Set aside change from purse and tally it along with moneyboxes. Calculate child sponsorship and set aside for it. Empty Bundle's moneyboxes into his bank account.
5. Set timer for three minutes and shape eyebrows.
6. Cleanse, tone and moisturise before bed (after Bundle is settled for the night).
7. Shine kitchen sink and scrub basin inside and out.
8. Quiet time for me. Scripture memorisation during breakfast, prayer time with Bundle during snack, grace before dinner and Lord's prayer/bedtime prayer before bed. Play worship CDs during day. Catechism time with Bundle in the afternoon.
9. Walk to the end of the road and back (1 mile) directly after naptime. Weigh-in and record on app.
10. Make a family monogram on scrapbook paper, framed for the hallway.

Additional rules:
No TV except during dinner and after Bundle is asleep.
Swagbucks, Moodscope, apps, internet, email and Kindle only available while Bundle is asleep.
Podcasts allowed only while I am eating breakfast and during milkies.

*I also repaired three jar decorations that had become unstuck and printed out some copywork for tutoring.*

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