Monday, 19 August 2013

Top Ten - August 20th

1. Dark laundry including sheets and pillowcases.
2. Set timer for three minutes and shape eyebrows. Shave my legs after Bundle is settled in bed.
3. Watch educational reform video with Hubby and use it to draw a spider diagram of my takeaway from the speaker's educational philosophy
4. Sew another item from the mending basket.
5. Tutoring preparation - print out the next couple of weeks of the Armour of God copywork. Print out another phonics workbook. Write out all forty-four phonemes on flashcards.
6. Walk toward the other end of the road and back (1 1/4 miles) after naptime.
*Update - walked around and around MrsThing's house instead, as I had SportySis for company and it looked like rain.*
7. Reduce the amount I eat at breakfast. Eat sensibly at lunchtime.
8. Quiet time, scripture memory, prayer jar, grace, bedtime prayer, Lord's prayer, catechism time and worship CDs.
9. Brush out en-suite, WC, kitchen and hallway.
10. Arrange new podiatric appointment. Email Amazima. Research Google's 20% employee time.

Additional rules:
No TV, except during dinner and when Bundle is asleep.
Swagbucks, Moodscope, apps, email and Kindle only available while Bundle is asleep.
Podcasts allowed only while I am eating breakfast and during milkies.

Honey-do List
1. Bath Bundle after dinner.
2. Replace bed sheets.
3. Hang artworks. Cousin's watercolour (lounge). Yesterday's monogram artwork (kitchen) - mask also.
4. Charity shop donations drop-off and purchase of colour ink for the printer.
5. Empty bin in the barn and scrub clean (inside and out). Also scrub clean the potty chair from my sister.

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