Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Top Ten - August 21st

1. Whites laundry including bedding and t-shirt in soak. Clean laundry area and sink. Fold and put away dry laundry.
2. Eyebrows. Shower and shave legs.
3. Sew Bundle's nappy and Hubby's anniversary t-shirt.
4. Brush out en-suite.
5. Quiet time, scripture memory, prayer, grace, bedtime prayer, Lord's prayer, catechism time and worship CDs.
6. Walk to the far end of the road and back (1 1/2 miles) after naptime.
7. Eat a small breakfast, sensible lunch and prepare ahead a healthy snack (carrot sticks).
8. Clean en-suite sink and bleach loos.
9. Clean pigeon-hole shelving unit, decide on future paint colour if any. If necessary paint with methylated spirits.
10. Tutoring prep (see yesterday).

Additional rules:
No TV, except during dinner and times when Bundle is asleep.
Swagbucks, Moodscope, apps, email and Kindle only available while Bundle is asleep.
Podcasts allowed only while I am eating breakfast and during milkies.

Honey-do List
Get up with Bundle to allow Mama a lie-in.

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