Monday, 26 August 2013

Top Ten - August 26th

1. Whites laundry. Put away dry laundry. Allow Bundle to "help" me.
2. Tutoring and clear table afterward.
3. Enjoy a walk to Stonegate and back (wear trainers) after naptime.
4. Drop off a little starting nursery gift for my niece.
5. Baked potatoes, beans, bacon and cheese for dinner.
6. Write up my parents' holiday dates on the calendar. Practise the piano.
7. Practise covering up one of Bundle's eyes in a peek-a-boo game as preparation for his eye appointment.
8. Put away excess baby bag things, bag and pile of novels that Mum borrowed, box of crafting cardboard.
9. Sew another item from the mending basket.
10. Ring regarding a follow-up podiatric appointment.

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