Monday, 26 August 2013

Looking to the future

I want a clean home so...I have to clean.
I want an organised home so...I need to organise.
I want an uncluttered home so...I need to declutter.
I enjoy crafts and want to improve and practise crafting so...I need to carve out the time for and make the effort to craft.
I want Bundle to sign more so...I need to sign more.
I want Bundle to be calmer so...I need to be calmer.
I want to make gifts for Christmas so...I need to organise my time so they'll be made in time.
I want to get better at piano so . . . I need to practice.
I want to lose weight so . . . I need to eat better and less.
I want to bake more so . . . I need to plan out ingredients and carve out time for baking.

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