Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bundle Tales #3

Putting his doll (Jimmy) to bed and getting him up after naps/sleep. Giving him hugs and kisses.

Requesting milkies with repeated signing.

A precious moment of interrupting his play at LLL to come and sign for the toilet and then go and just melt his Mummy's heart.

Climbing out of the buggy and pitter-patting his way to find us, often going straight back to sleep. Proof positive that he just wants company.

Sharing his toys nicely with others.

Keeping his nappy dry for long stretches (most of the night).

Putting up his hands to protect his face from licks from the big dog.

Terrifying the little dog, not through any negative actions but simply because he is unpredictable and interested in her.

Pouring the (fortunately only number ones) comtents of his potty over his naked self in a temper, earning himself a cold shower (didn't have any hot water) and thus prompting angelic behaviour the rest of the morning.

Leaning to the side to surprise his Daddy from his hiding place on top of his Daddy's shoulders when Daddy claims to have lost him.

Continuing to charm the pants of all and sundry.

Trying to speak so much - recognisably (to us anyway) saying tractor, quack quack, moo.

Loving the cows and heading to the nearest window, gate etc. at the mere mention of them.

Giggling in anticipation of his milkies.

Giving the best most snuggly hugs in the world.

Open-mouthed, slobbery, drool-y kisses.

Sleep acrobatics landing him in all sorts of uncomfortable positions, for both him and us.

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