Tuesday, 28 May 2013

32 Goals: Week 1

Daily Tasks
Choose a cute notebook and begin to study Isaiah and make notes using the SOAP method (4)
Revise and relearn previous Scripture memorisation with Bundle (at breakfast) (6)
Work consistently to teach Bundle more signs (milk, food, toilet, bed, book, pray, quiet and no). (7)
Engage Bundle in a daily prayer time (10)
Say grace before all meals (10)
Maintain laundry, open blinds and make beds daily (13)
Air the house (13)
Tidy 32 things a day (15)
Read Flatland (22)
Save change (especially fivers) (26)
Track spending (26)
Dilute milk (26)
Knit (26)
Swagbucks and GFK Media Panel (26)
Practise separation discipline with Bundle (from event not from me) when necessary (31)

One and Done Tasks
Devise a meal and snack plan (2)
Try my Urban Dance exercise DVD (3)
Revise my already learnt WSC questions and answers, use the study book and CD (5)
Revise BSL alphabet, numbers and colours (7)
Develop a fluid schedule and more routines to the day to allow for cleaning, exercise, grooming, crafts, special interests, reading etc. (8)
Choose a time to get up each morning (8)
Tidy up the family tree information already gathered (9)
Make a prayer pot (10)
Revise Spanish alphabet, numbers and colours (12)
Develop cleaning schedule (13)
Tot up any decluttered items(14)
Sort/donate/declutter/delve through a "box" (18)
Email OzSis and family at least once (20)
Email Mr&MrsThing at least once (21)
Download the send to kindle application onto the PC (22)
Revise previously learnt hymn/chorus words (23)
Collate a scrapbook of Bundle's birth cards (24)
Rejoin GFK Media Panel (26)
Complete maximail surveys (26)
No takeaway week, set aside saved money (26)
Turn off TV/SkyBox at night, unplug microwave, toaster, washing machine and dryer when not in use (26)
Download and back-up the free curriculum about studying geography etc. through the great commission (27)
Set up an organisation system for my tutoring supplies (27)
Contact Suzanne re Blyton books (27)
Update business money phone app. after tutoring (28)
Tidy the base of the long-hanging wardrobe (29)
Practise church behaviour with Bundle by listening to ten minutes of a sermon CD, include practice of the signs for prayer, quiet and no (31)
Practise the piano (32)

Indefinite Tasks
Spend time with my SportySis (1)
Reduce my dairy intake (2)
Reduce/Cut out the junk food (2)
Lose weight (2)
Enjoy fresh air with Bundle (3)
Walk faster and farther when taking Bundle out in the pram/buggy (3)
Groom more consistently (11)
Eyebrow shaping, haircuts, re-fixing hair through the day, make-up, exfoliation, cleansing, toning and moisturising, weekly night-cream, handcream and nail care (11)
Use clothes dryer as little as possible (26)

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