Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pinisher Link-up - Week 1 - Food

Clever girl, Dorian Speed of Scrutinies, is forcing encouraging us procrastinators pinners to actually pinish some of our million many pinned projects.

This week's theme is food.

Pinisher blog link-up

I scoured my rather neglected "yum yum in my tum" food board and... who am I kidding it was always gonna be between the butter pecan sauce and the nutella, brownies won.

Sidenote: no idea if these would work as gluten-free lovelies.

Original recipe here: Nutella Brownies

My pin: here.

Pinned photograph of the yummies here (since my seriously lacking computer skills only allow me to pin photos directly from my phone camera and not j.peg? them into this post).

Follow me here: Armour Academy - lots of funnies and organise-y things - my claim to fame being that the wonderfully funny Kelly Mantoan (of This Ain't the Lyceum) is a follower and I like to pretend she didn't just click follow because I repinned her funny pic of the cutie that is Teddy, her youngest :)

As for the recipe - yum! The suggested recipe only made me 10 decent sized muffin/cupcakes so you may wanna double up if you fancy making some (and you do believe me). The timing was off (I cooked mine 20/25mins rather than the suggested 30 and they were a touch dry) and you NEED to add just a couple or three hazelnuts to the top - they totally tip the cakes into heavenly, though I made a couple without the added nuts for my Hubby (loves Nutella but doesn't like hazelnuts - explain that to me if you can). Oh and licking (ahem, sorry) cleaning the measuring cup, baking bowl etc. was delicious easy too.

Three ingredients cupcakes - what's not to love!


Pinisher blog link-up

Link-up to Scrutinies to join in the fun!

Except my procrastinator self is leaving it to the last minute, so you might have to wait until next week...

Next week's theme - Home - oh the choice of pins!

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  1. Oh, goodness - those look realllllly good.

    Thanks for joining in the historic Volume 1 link-up! Your name shall be legend among Pinishers the world over.