Saturday, 27 April 2013

Holiday Happened

So we're back from Oz - such an amazing trip!!

So I'm trying to re-organise my tutoring students,
Whilst away and after much back and forth over email we met up with my estranged sister - the meeting went so well that we had two more,
Had amazing visits with all my extended family, staying with two aunts and two cousins as well as fitting in an impromptu visit to Tasmania,
I got a haircut and gave Bundle a trim before the holiday and another trim during it,
Packing was FINALLY done and has been entirely undone,
Haven't stopped biting my nails (or Bundle's, since they seem to grow at an alarming rate),
Still haven't shaped my eyebrows,
Quit eating my body-weight daily in chocolate - managed this while away but not since I've been home,
Still must text SportySis' SIL re books her eldest borrowed off me,
Paid my podiatric bill,
All gifts for while we were away were made, purchased, wrapped and delivered - yay!
Got the two sets of Bundle's hand/footprints framed for the two grannies for mothers' day,
Visited my Granda and my hubby's aunt and we've visited my aunt-in-law since our return too, Granda's on Monday,
Make, purchase, wrap, write cards and gifts for those we'll visit - all this was done,
Shop for henna shampoo in Sally's - yet to do
Make some banana bread - still to do
Book eye appointment for Bundle and get his prescription updated - all this was done and is now being redone!
Picked up my glasses,
Still need to get navy trousers hemmed but I doubt they currently fit,
Still need to sew Bundle's leggings and have now added a button for one of his shirts, one of my cardigans and a hole in one of Hubby's jumpers,
Look into getting external steps plastered - didn't do this, but whilst away my Dad had a go, still deciding if this was good or not,
Complete my aqua Christmas pom-pom decorations - still to do,
Worked on knitting projects - yep,
Pack away Winter and Valentine's decorations and decorate for Spring - all done though I still have a few laundered stragglers, waiting to be packed away,
Keep on top of laundry - always,
Spring clean as I go - got loads done pre-trip, now to the floors, windows, kitchen and bathrooms (eugh, okay still lots to go then),
Tidied and decluttered as I went,
Ordered children's books for gifts and
Bought more underwear (M&S) and pyjamas for the holiday.

Whilst away I started shopping for Christmas, birthdays etc. and everyone got wee gifts that suited them well (I hope).

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