Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pinisher Link-up - Week 2 - Home

Time for another edition of pinishing.

Thie week's theme is Home. Oh the options, oh the pins!

Pinisher blog link-up

Link to the original project: tissue box as plastic bag dispenser.

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I wanted to pincomplish something, so I set the bar low, waaayyyy low this week.
An old tissue box refilled with plastic bags, retaped shut and stashed under the sink. Ta-da!
Of course that wasn't much of a project, but I wasn't sure I'd have time for much else, but of course pinishing that gave me the motivation to do more...

Pincomplishment #2

Link to the original project: bed linen sets gathered together in pillowcases.
Although I highly suspect that Martha Stewart was not the original authoress, her company certainly is the source of the picture I pinned.

Link to my pin: here.

I'd seen the idea of gathering up each set of bedlinen in a pillowcase floating around for a while and hadn't bothered to pin it, after all my neatly tied up bed-sets, in co-ordinating ribbon no less, looked much cuter...only I'd gotten out of the habit of re-bundling them and so I conceded the whole pillowcase thing was a good idea. I now have the linens all less beautifully organised, but organised nonetheless.

Pincomplishment #3

Link to the original project: velcro-dotted lollipop sticks.

Link to my pin: here.

Link to my pin of my completed pincomplishment: here.

Not quite a "home" project so much as a "homeschool" project but I'd bought the velcro dots recently (thank you eBay) and picked up the "multi-coloured craft sticks" aka lollipop sticks whilst at a fabulous craft store in Australia. T'other day I took ten minutes during Daddy-duty to attack a bit of the craft cupboard, locating said dots and lolly sticks and uniting the two. Dorian you're defin-tootly having a good affect on me as I didn't stop until I was pinished with my labelled lolly sticks all beautifully boxed and ready to go (for a year or two's time, when the Bundle may have passed on from the everything-must-be-tasted-and-chewed-upon stage).

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Pinisher blog link-up

P.S. Ta for the template Dorian.

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  1. I really like the look of that pillowcase/linens thing, although our linen closet has very shallow shelves and I'm not sure how that would work...and we have mostly unmatched pillowcases...and we do not embody the Spirit of Martha in any way, I'm realizing.

    I have been meaning to do those velcro-dotted popsicle sticks for a while - gotta get on the ball!