Friday, 10 May 2013

Bundle Tales #1

My fast asleep babe, laid out across my lap, when the first notes of a tune kick in and he gives a whole-hearted clap along with the music.

Bopping along with the background music on TV.

When he hasn't access to both hands for clapping e.g. during a feed, he'll clap his head in time with music.

Laying his sweet little body on me in sickness or tiredness or just laying his head against me, my tummy, arm, shoulder, leg.

Smiling in his sleep.

The day he fell asleep in the bumbo.

The evening he fell asleep in the high chair and the second one when he almost did - bless.

Getting so excited he literally bounces in his high chair.

His stream of conscienceness of mamamamadadadadad after his febrile convulsion.

Laying back against me in the hospital bed after the above fit and just nodding off.

Sleeping so soundly I have to lean in to make sure he's breathing.

Snorely so loudly I have to move his positioning so he'll stop snoring so I can get some sleep too!

Getting so excited when he hears/sees his Daddy's return from a day of work.

The huge waves he gives the dogs (currently Lucy and Betty) whilst people get only small ones :)

Dancing and clapping and the instant smile when he hears his favourite song (Maccabeats - Candlelight).

Dancing and practising his clapping and dancing, while standing unsupported (15 months).

His excitement as he chatters and squeals and makes his funny wee chokey sound, or chuckles so hard that he sounds like he's choking.

Starting to give and fully receive kisses (15 months).

His pure joy as you throw something (including him) up into the air and catch it (him).

Tapping his foot in perfect time to the music (17 1/2 months).

Holding the phone (or any phone-like object e.g. remote) at the back of his head instead of his ear (too cute at 15/16 months) and finally getting it and holding them to his ear and having baby-talk convos (17 months).

Pushing the laundry basket to the door for Mummy (15 months)

Carrying (the far too often used) disposable nappy bags to the door for Daddy.

Having a dustpan and brush as his favourite toy (from 16 1/2 months).

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