Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tax Joy

The joy of the end of January, since I never do it any earlier, is the dreaded tax return - this year less dreaded as I only worked until October (maternity leave - yay), but still a pain.

Fast forward a couple of days and I still have done none of my own return, but have helped both my mother and eldest sister with their's. Why don't I just do it, since I keep telling everyone else it is really a doddle to complete?

Fast forward another couple of days and the baby gets up extraordinarily early - I have a bit of a rant but I'm up and going and he needs to go down for a very early first nap - so I get stuck in! Baby's up and down like a yo-yo but I perservere with both tasks - getting him to nap and getting the return, returned.

Bundle naps and I'm almost done when he wakes so I press on, even with my little (big and getting bigger) distraction at my feet.

Okay return, returned and I know there isn't enough in the account to cover the bill (small as it is) and the wee one needs another nap so a plan is formulated - woo-hoo, brain having an "on" day for once! Head into town and put some of my hard-earned cash into the account before the bank closes and also grab up some measuring spoons I've been hankering after, using up some more of that leftover wedding voucher (we're only married 3 1/2 years after all) and on the way home if Bundle *decides* to fall asleep in the car, that's okay with me! *chuckle chuckle*

All set for town we head off and manage to find a handier-than-handy parking spot - we are just an obese lady in a pink anorak with a head popping out of the front of it (raining a little and Bundle in the sling), we garner more than one smile from passers-by. Errands done we have filled up the national-insurance-dwindled account and purchased a magnetic set of measuring spoons that aren't labelled, or rather are, but very oddly so.

E.g. two spoons are labelled exactly the same despite one being half the size of the other and they are labelled things such as 1/16 ML??? an amount that could certainly not be seen by the naked eye - bizarre to say the least - but the only other ones available were heart-shaped (for Valentine's) and wouldn't fit into jars etc. These 'ere spoons are gonna take some figuring out mister!

I take the long and circuitous route home and Bundle nods off into oblivion and transfers beautifully out of the car. Online once again the bill is paid, the mama is happy and so shall the papa be (since he set me an earlier-than-the-government deadline of the following day). The day continues productively and delightfully as I make a delicious dinner and we head out for the evening (in a definite state of tax-joy) to a friend's self-hosted birthday party - full of chocolate yumminess...mmmm

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