Friday, 25 January 2013

Art Addict

I have a complete excess of art in my home - a huge pile of pictures that haven't even made it to the walls! or have but were then bumped off by more favoured items.

I love my art!

I REALLY love my art!

I don't want to declutter, donate or've made other plans...

Downstairs in our barn/storage space we have our chest freezer side-by-side with my parents' chest freezer with a big blank wall behind them. Hmmm...a blank wall!

So here's my plan - a nailed up plank of wall-colour-painted wood for use as a picture rail for all our extra pictures - until such time as I can hang them in our home, or bear to part with them. In the meantime though, everyone gets to enjoy their beauty and they don't just sit in boxes gathering dust.

Joy, joy!

UPDATE: Joy, joy indeed as I edit to add that due to "Seasonal Storage," I have an alternative that doesn't even involve any adding-planks-to-the-wall work. As you'll see from the linked-to-post, some art is stored with my seasonal decorations to be brought out to fill two (or more) spots in the lounge and thus the art in these spots is changed seasonally. Also downstairs some empty plate shelving has become the art display area without any additional work - yay for alternative, alternatives.

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