Thursday, 31 January 2013

Seasonal Storage

I've always had some seasonal storage and as the years have progressed it has grown...but this week it has exploded...intentionally.

I know I should declutter more but the fact is we have many lovely things I just have no desire to cull.

We received many beautiful gifts for our wedding, and since for birthdays, Christmases etc. and have many kitchen towels, candles, candlesticks, ornaments, not to mention photograph frames and all those little bits 'n' bobs that we've purchased for ourselves.

So now we have boxes upon boxes of seasonal storage: *smile*
Christmas blends into Winter,
Winter blends into Valentine's,
Valentine's is packed away when Spring-cum-Easter bursts out,
Spring-cum-Easter disappears and reappears as Summer,
Summer fades into Autumn and
Autumn morphs into Christmas once more.

Boxes include decorations, art, kitchen towels and oven gloves, candles and tablecloths - a season in a box (or two, or three...), delight.

Mapped out storage, of course!

Joy, joy, indeed!

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