Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Honey-do Happenings

The Hubby and I have set ourselves a wee list of goals for the time period up to Valentine's Day, we wrote some for each other and for ourselves as well as a joint "goal."

His reads very much as a honey-do list with two house to home endeavours:
1. Replace missing glass panel in my craft cupboard door
2. Paint the top of our chest freezer with blackboard paint (so as to be able to list the inventory on the lid)
3. It is his personal goal to exercise (usually in the form of running) twice a week

Our goal is to use a Christmas voucher to arrange a cinema trip for our date day (since I don't like to leave the baby at night).

My goals are:
1.a) Email my (estranged) sister re visiting with her and her family
1.b) Email my eldest niece for her birthday (remembering time difference) *UPDATE - DONE*
2. Complete my tax return by the 29th of January *UPDATE - DONE*
3. Declutter my CDs and DVDs *UPDATE - DONE*
4. My Hubby requested I do daily exercise and get fresh air everyday
5. My final one is a treat for my Hubby for Valentine's so it's listed on our "goal board" as simply Valentine's prep (see below)

For Love Day I have plans for:
A lovely list in my (homemade) Hubby's card detailing just a handful of the wonderful things I ppreciate about him
Decorating the house - duh!
Creating a little artwork corner in our bedroom for "our love," including a beautiful rose engraved frame (if it ever arrives from zulily) containing a wedding photo, the letters L-O-V-E, a print out of our (self-written) wedding vows and maybe a picture of where we got engaged (and also had a mini-honeymoon), though I still have a few kinks to work out for this and I suppose I 'll have to figure out a menu too - definitely not my forte.

Do you have plans for Love Day?
Do you write your honey, honey-do lists?

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